Natural substance extraction technology

Experience NPME12, a high-functional natural raw material

Natural substance extraction technology

Cohesive Fusion Extraction System

  • A one-step integrated system for each complex process that is self-manufactured from natural raw materials
  • Extracts one kind of natural product, and unlike the general extraction method, no solvent is added for decolorization and deodorization.
  • HANKEI’s unique technology method extracts pure active ingredients without any chemical process.

Extraction Flow : Mass production system for high functional natural substances

  1. After pulverizing natural plant raw materials, mix with respective ratio: mix contents.
  2. Mix raw material and water in the extractor tank: mixing ratio
  3. Setting the application boundary such as heating temperature and time
  4. Active ingredient extraction proceeds with adsorption and cooling processes (separate from injection)
  5. Aging (fermentation) process: Aging environment creation, no chemical/synthetic work
  6. Acquired colorless, tasteless and odorless natural raw materials (liquid)


NPME12: Raw material from Natural Plant Mixed Extracts’ emitting far-infrared rays

12 kinds of natural plants are blended, and one type of functional natural raw material is extracted without solvent by HANKEI’s technology.

NPME12: core raw material

NPME12: core raw material

  • Plant far-infrared emission 86 ~ 87% (KIFA)
  • Safety guaranteed: Toxicity, microorganisms, bacteria, etc. (KCL)
  • Antibacterial power 99.9% (KCL) and deodorization power 99% (KCL)
  • Inhalation toxicity/oral toxicity OK
  • Preservative power, antioxidant: Chungnam National University preliminary experiment
  • Nanoparticles
  • Skin irritation index 0.00 (KCL)

NPME12 application

  • NPME12 as a product: natural antibacterial spray
  • Main ingredient function to replace purified water
  • Functional raw materials: moisturizing, antibacterial, deodorizing


1) Features of far infrared rays
- Waste and toxic substances removal
- Promote blood circulation
- Improved with an alkaline constitution that strengthens the immune system
2) Vibration that shakes the cell
- Plant far-infrared rays that can be applied directly to the human body shake the cells more than 2000 times in 60 seconds to remove impurities, maintain soft skin, and delay skin aging to create firm and elastic skin
3) Six significant actions of far-infrared rays
-temperature maintenance, growth promotion, self-purification, moisturization, neutralization, resonance
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