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Cosmeceutical, Living Bio-Care and Health Care
Join us in our journey towards our goal; to become Global No.1 HANKEI.

Real Eco-Friendly

Better quality of future life with HANKEI

HANKEI carefully selects and uses only eco-friendly raw materials and excludes harmful ingredients for our precious environment and for a safer future.

Non-toxic & Natural

Non-toxic Eco-friendly
Passion for solely safe products

Aiming for non-toxic natural products with safe ingredients, while maximizing their functional benefits.

About us

HANKEI is an eco-friendly naturalist company that develops and manufactures high-functional cosmeceutical products, non-medical products, living bio-care products and natural materials that emit far-infrared radiation such as our formula NPME12 (Natural Plant Mixed Extract)

What we do


Our base formula NPME12 (Natural Plant Mixed Extract) is a unique energy material emitting plant far-infrared radiation and is the base formula for non-toxic natural functional products (the core raw material).


Cohesive Fusion Extraction System

Technology to extract natural raw materials in one step with an integrated system for each complex process manufactured by HANKEI without adding chemical solvents after pulverizing natural raw materials


Special Formulation Technology

Optimized recipe for natural functional products with NON-toxic, natural, practical, NO harmful chemically synthesized ingredients, NO purified water, NO chemically synthesized surfactants, NO harmful preservatives, and NO synthetic fragrance.


Guaranteed Safety

In 10 years of research and product development, safety and stability have been verified through domestic and international clinical and certificate verification. Each product has been launched after years of the verification process.




We always boast of the best results.

Business Partnership Inquiry

HANKEI is looking for partner companies that understand and share our eco-friendly values.